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Congratulations to cast and  support crew on a great effort and performance this year!

The cast enjoyed a great day at the Lizzie Borden  Bed and Breakfast Museum as they, for the 14th year, adapted the facts of the case for performance to the public.  Tickets were sold out well before the afternoon, with starting times on the half hour this year.  An exit poll was given to the visitors and over 60 % of those who filled out the form decided Lizzie was the guilty party, with Uncle John Morse coming in a distant second.  There was a drawing at the end of the day for a gift certificate to the popular B&B.  Some of the cast is shown above after the day was ended, before being treated to a tour of all floors of Lizzie’s home on French St., Maplecroft.  For more about the day visit the Fall River Herald site article

More script details and cast photos coming soon!

Logan Livesey will be a first-time cast member in 2010 although he is no stranger to the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum.  Logan has worked as part time chef and primary housekeeper for nearly two years.    Some who frequent the King Richard Faire in Carver, Massachusetts may recognize Logan from years gone by where he was a costumed medieval re-enactor with his mom, also once an employee at the Lizzie B&B who once played Borden friend, Alice Russell.

Logan enjoys the work at the house, which requires some muscles to lift the weekly tons of laundry down to the cellar laundry room.  The worst part of the housekeeper’s job- folding all the sheets!  The cooking takes some getting used to, especially pacifying the old black cast iron stove.  

As for all the paranormal focus on the house in recent years, Logan says, “ Some rooms have a certain feeling , as if someone did not want you around- a sort of feeling of foreboding.”

If he could be one person in the house on the day of the murders, it would not be a person at all.

“I would love to be a fly on the wall- or maybe on Lizzie’s shoulder!” 

As to the guilty party, Logan has no hesitation- “Lizzie did it- no other and no accomplice. Bridget had no motive and Lizzie had everything to gain.  Plus she was on the spot.  I think Andrew was respectable, but not likeable, and very hard in his business dealings.  Age and life affected him..”

As to whether Andrew deserved what he got- “ Hard to say- it was a bad end.  But in the end, nobody was worse off for his demise- and two were better off!”

Logan is Fall River born and raised and will play the part of Andrew Borden (under the sheet).  The hardest part “will be staying perfectly still on a very uncomfortable sofa.”

Some of our cast will be appearing at the Fall River Public Library on Tuesday, August 3rd at 6:30 for a special reading by Richard Behrens from the new Lizzie Borden: Girl Detective!

Lizzie Borden:  Lorraine Gregoire

Detective Seaver  Ben Rose
Abby Borden:   Shelley Dziedzic  (flat on the floor)
Andrew Borden: Logan Livsey (under the sheet)
Bridget Sullivan  Kathleen Troost-Cramer
Emma Borden:  Barbara Morrissey
Addie Churchill:  JoAnne Giovino
Alice Russell:     Kristin Pepe
Uncle John:  Joe Radza
Officer Medley:   Justin Dunne
Miss Manning from the Herald:   Molly O’Brien
“Cub reporter and Girl Detective” from the Herald, and Miss Manning’s assistant: Kathryn Woods
The Distinguished Undertaker Winward:  Michael Brooks
Officer Harrington:  Will Clawson
Marshall Hilliard;  Ray Mitchell


Book Reading

Tuesday, August 3rd, 6:30-7:30pm


 Author Richard Behrens

will be presenting a reading from his latest book

Lizzie Borden: Girl Detective

PLUS:  A visit from 

The Pear Essential Players

The reenactment group from the Lizzie Borden B&B including :

 Marshal Hilliard, Miss Lizzie Borden, Mrs. Churchill, Alice Russell,  Abby Borden, Uncle John Morse, Officer Phil Harrington and Miss Nellie Drew (Girl Detective Reporter for the Herald)


Fall River Public Library

104 North Main Street,

Fall River, MA

Main meeting room, basement

Light refreshments will be served

Lambie Winner 2009 Best Actor Joe Radza as John Morse

Cast 2009

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