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Jeff Masson is usually happiest when tromping around cemeteries on a crisp autumn day wearing his Sox jacket and baseball cap.  A native of Somerset, Massachusetts (just over the Brightman St. Bridge), Jeff loves history and travel- and of course the Borden case and all things Victorian.  A “young face” on an “old soul”, Jeff is a frequent visitor to Oak Grove Cemetery and the house on Second Street. Nick-named “Cemetery Jeff” by all his friends, Jeff made his acting debut this year as The Body of Andrew Borden for the August 4th re-enactments.  The effect was startling- a blood-stained sheet covering a prone body on the black sofa led many visitors to use their imaginations to guess at the grisly presence beneath the sheet.  Jeff admits he could actually see through the sheet, and enjoyed watching the reactions of the visitors.  Sometimes LESS is MORE! 

Jeff is also among the ranks of the Second Street Irregulars, Noble Order of Mutton Eaters (Fall River Chapter) and often leads interesting tours of Borden-related grave sites in Oak Grove.

If Jeff ever ages, he is ripe for the part of Uncle John Morse.  GO, RED SOX! (photo credit: Lorraine Gregoire)

Whodunnit?  Lizzie B.- hands down! 🙂


After the 1992 Lizzie Borden Centennial was but a memory, six people who had met at the event decided to form an armchair sleuth society which would meet about every 8 weeks.  Dubbed The Second Street Irregulars in homage to the Sherlockian society, the group would soon form the core of the Pear Essentials Productions troupe, an amateur band of would-be thesbians dedicated to bringing the Borden story to life.  The original six would grow over the years, and so did their projects and creative endeavors- from singing costumed quartets to large cast productions at the Second Street house on August 4th.  We live what we love.

Lambie Winner 2009 Best Actor Joe Radza as John Morse

Cast 2009

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