When the original six members of Pear Essentials Productions crew got together, the plan was more to investigate the Borden crimes by acting out parts of the action on the day of the murders.  How long did it take Irish maid Bridget Sullivan to run to Dr. Bowen’s and Alice Russell’s house?  How many minutes are needed to change a blood-stained dress and hide a weapon?  We were practical-minded in the quest for truth, never anticipating that our enthusiam would one day turn into a burgeoning cast which would present the story of the Borden case to thousands of visitors to the Second Street house, supply character actors to the Fall River Historical Society, Fall River Little Theatre, and star in televison documentaries, local news shorts, and privately-made mini-docs and tableaux.  With the advent of the Internet- more folks have become interested in the Borden story and wish they could travel back in time to observe what really happened on that day in 1892. 

We hope you, the reader, will enjoy seeing our efforts over the years, in presenting the case to the public. 

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