Once upon a time I was just a normal person who knew nothing more about Lizzie Borden than the old “Lizzie Borden Took an Axe” ditty. Then on a summer’s day in 1991, while ironing, Elizabeth Montgomery came on my TV in The Legend of Lizzie Borden.  And that was the start of the madness, the Lizzy Tizzy, or whatever you want to call it, that has endured these past 17 years, with apparently no cure in sight.  Funny thing, – obsessions never come when you live near to the source.  I had lived in nearby Middletown for four years and spent many weekends in Fall River with not the least bit of curiosity about the case. Now the city has become my destination on weekends as I work as an innkeeper/tour guide at the Borden house.  For somebody who used to stand outside the house before it was open to the public, this is an amazing thing! 

In the parlor at #92 Second Street before a house tour

I have been very blessed and lucky to have met so many wonderful people over the years as a result of the interest in Lizzie Borden.  Thanks, Lizzie, –  if you only knew how happy you have made so many! In my younger and thinner day, I enjoyed the opportunity of “playing Lizzie” for schools, library lectures, Fall River Little Theatre, Fall River Historical Society and of course the B&B.  During all that time, Ed Thibalt was my “father”, Andrew Borden.  As the years and waistline have increased, I am now Mrs. Borden, so Ed and I have been together a long time.

 Andrew and Abby for Monsterquest 2008

 1992 Centennial at BCC

The greatest thing about finding an interest is sharing it with like-minded people. I hope you, Gentle Readers, will enjoy my attempt to share all the great theatrical moments and friends and “Lizzie” activities over the past years and in years to come via this site. How I wish we had this sort of communications possibility years ago! I have high hopes for more adventures with a new crop of Pear Essentials Players over the next 17 years.   The PEP Players, Mutton Eaters all, are a fun-loving bunch, who like to dress in the 1890’s fashions and bring real historical characters to life in an entertaining way. One thing is for sure, the interest in Lizzie Borden and the Borden case will not be diminishing anytime soon!

Shelley Dziedzic- August 11, 2008

North Stonington, CT (1 hour and 5 minutes southwest of Fall River)