Once again, for the fifth consecutive year, the Second Street Irregulars (Muttoneaters), awarded their coveted “Lambie” to favorite actor and actress for 2010.  There was a surprise this year in a tie vote for Will Clawson’s portrayal of Officer Phil Harrington and Ray Mitchell’s “dead-on” take – off on city marshal Rufus B. Hilliard. 

Ray will reprise his role as Hilliard again this August 4th for the annual Second Street re-creation of the day of the crime, while Will shall tackle the part of Borden undertaker, James E. Winward.

Will Clawson as the mustachioed Phil Harrington of the FRPD, 2010!

Hercule Poirot has NOTHING on Phil!

Ray Mitchell strikes a pose as Rufus B. Hilliard, City Marshal

Kristin Pepe found her niche last year, playing the loyal friend, and hard-working helpmate to the Borden clan, Alice Russell.  The Best Actress Lambie was a shoo-in for Kristin’s spot-on portrayal of Lizzie’s sympathetic chum who came to comfort when Irish maid Bridget Sullivan fled the scene.

Kristin in her role on August 4th with Emma (Barbara Morrissey) and  Lizzie in her pink and white wrapper, (Lorraine Gregoire).

All the ladies will be back in full force again this year!  Congratulations one and all.