The temperature is rising, the pears are getting ripe and attention turns once again to the doings of August 4. 1892 in Little Old Fall River.  The Pear Essential (PEP-PY) Players welcome two new members this year in the roles of Alice Russell, the Borden sisters’ bosom friend, and Dr. Dolan, medical examiner, played by husband and wife team of Ted and Loretta Sisco. The couple have been vistors at the house for several years and will take the plunge this year on August 4th!  The Usual Suspects will be making a return this year in the old familiar roles and a few undertaking new character roles.  Advance tickets may be reserved beginning on July 5th for the Monday, August 4th schedule of eight performances at 10:30, 11, 11:30, 1, 1:30, 2, 2:30, 3.  Call the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast Museum at 508-675-7333 to reserve tickets.  Reservations are recommended as performances sell out early every year.   Miss Carol Ann Simone will reprise her role as Miss Lizzie for her third year running.  Did she do it?  You decide!!



Cast for 2014

Miss Porter/FR Globe JoAnne Giovino
Abby Borden Robin Bertoldo/Shelley Dziedzic
Andrew Borden  A Mystery!
Emma Borden Danielle Cabral
Lizzie Borden Carol Ann Simone
Dr. Dolan, M.E. Ted Sisco
 Mrs. Bowen  Ellen Borden
 Kat Woods  Mrs. Kelly
Mrs. Burt/Nosey Neighbor Shelley Dziedzic
Officer Harrington Rick Bertoldo
Marshal Hilliard Ray Mitchell
Miss Manning/FR Herald Barbara Morrissey
John Morse Joe Radza
Alice Russell Loretta S. Sisco
Detective Seaver Michael Shogi
Bridget Sullivan Suzann Rogers
Undertaker Winward Jerry Pacheco


Counting down the hours until August 4th.  This year  Lord Michael Shogi of Cleveland will be our new producer-director.  There will be some old familiar faces and a brand new Emma, Miss Manning, Miss Russell, Mrs. Churchill- and reporter Nellie Bly (the real- life sister of our peerless Uncle John Morse, Joe Radza. Break a leg!



Nellie Bly Jeannie Trask
Abby Borden Robin Bertoldo
Andrew Borden Don Rogers
Emma Borden Danielle Cabral
Lizzie Borden Carol Ann Simone
Dr. Seabury Bowen Jack Sheridan
Adelaide Churchill Arlene Rogers
Director Emeritus Shelley Dziedzic
Officer Harrington Rick Bertoldo
Marshal Hilliard Ray Mitchell
Miss Manning Liza Marks
John Morse Joe Radza
Alice Russell Alexandra Bruno
Detective Seaver Michael Shogi
Bridget Sullivan Suzann Rogers
Undertaker Winward Jerry Pacheco



Our Beloved Mr. Borden passed away yesterday, December 18, 2012.  Gone, but never forgotten.  #92 and August 4th will never be the same without you, old friend.


There will be a few new faces this year and all the usual suspects from years gone by.  This year there is an all-time high of Peppy Players:

Abby Borden- Shelley Dziedzic

Andrew Borden- Don Sykes

Lizzie Borden- Carol Ann Simone

Emma Borden- Barbara Morrissey

Uncle John Morse- Joe Radza

Bridget Sullivan- Suzann Rogers

Marshal Hilliard- Ray Mitchell

Officer Phil Harrington- Mark Lomastro

Dr. Bowen- Jack Sheridan

Mrs. Phebe Bowen- Ellen Borden

Addie Churchill- JoAnne Giovino

Dr. Dolan- Michael Shogi

Miss Manning- Eliza Marks

Nellie Bly, Intrepid Globe-Spanning Reporter- Katrina Shogi

Undertaker Winward- Jerry Pacheco

Alice Russell- Kristin Pepe

A new Miss Lizzie is making her debut!  Tickets go on sale July 15th! Call 508-675-7333 to reserve.

Cool temps were welcome this year as crowds lined up for the annual production. The pears were ripe and swayed in the breeze as #92 welcomed visitors from near and far to step back in time.Relive-the-Borden-murders

(C) image Hollie Dziedzic 2007  The Eyes of Lizzie Borden

The Cast for 2011
Lizzie Borden: Kathleen Troost-Cramer

Detective Seaver: Ben Rose
Abby Borden: Shelley Dziedzic (flat on the floor)
Andrew Borden: Nicole (under the sheet)
Bridget Sullivan Suzanne Rogers
Emma Borden: Barbara Morrissey
Addie Churchill: JoAnne Giovino
Alice Russell: Kristin Pepe
Uncle John: Joe Radza
Dr. Dolan: Michael Shogi

Undertaker Winward  Richard Marr-Griffin
Miss Manning from the Herald: Christina Lambertson
Internationally acclaimed world reporter, Nellie Bly– Katrina Shogi
Marshall Hilliard; Ray Mitchell
Mrs. Dr. Bowen: Ellen Borden

Once again, for the fifth consecutive year, the Second Street Irregulars (Muttoneaters), awarded their coveted “Lambie” to favorite actor and actress for 2010.  There was a surprise this year in a tie vote for Will Clawson’s portrayal of Officer Phil Harrington and Ray Mitchell’s “dead-on” take – off on city marshal Rufus B. Hilliard. 

Ray will reprise his role as Hilliard again this August 4th for the annual Second Street re-creation of the day of the crime, while Will shall tackle the part of Borden undertaker, James E. Winward.

Will Clawson as the mustachioed Phil Harrington of the FRPD, 2010!

Hercule Poirot has NOTHING on Phil!

Ray Mitchell strikes a pose as Rufus B. Hilliard, City Marshal

Kristin Pepe found her niche last year, playing the loyal friend, and hard-working helpmate to the Borden clan, Alice Russell.  The Best Actress Lambie was a shoo-in for Kristin’s spot-on portrayal of Lizzie’s sympathetic chum who came to comfort when Irish maid Bridget Sullivan fled the scene.

Kristin in her role on August 4th with Emma (Barbara Morrissey) and  Lizzie in her pink and white wrapper, (Lorraine Gregoire).

All the ladies will be back in full force again this year!  Congratulations one and all.


Congratulations to cast and  support crew on a great effort and performance this year!

Lambie Winner 2009 Best Actor Joe Radza as John Morse

Cast 2009

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